Individual Registration

Application for registration as a Registered Auditor is made on Form 1. This form is available on our website and should be printed and completed, signed in the original, and thereafter mailed to us together with your proof of payment, copy of your ID, copy of the letter from SAICA discharging you from your training contract and any other documentation that may be required. You may also scan and e-mail your application form and documents to us at, but please send us the originals in the post.

Application for registration as a Registered Auditor may not be made through the website.

The registration fee for the period 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019 is R9450.00, and this fee is not pro-rated during the course of the year.

If you are joining an existing registered audit firm, please also complete Form 1A.

If you wish to register a new audit firm, or should you wish to open a new branch of an existing firm, please read the section on Firm Registration on this website and complete Form 2, and for new branches, Form 2A.

If you perform assurance work, you must be linked to a registered audit firm.

Should you prefer to make payment electronically, the IRBA’s bank details are as follows:

Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Eastgate
Branch Code: 018505
Account Number: 221290532

Please attach the confirmation of your electronic payment to your application form.

Please note that Act 26 of 2005 does not provide for non-resident registration.

Click here for Form 1

Click here for Form 1A

Click here for Firm Registrations

Click here for Form 2

Click here for Form 2A

Processing of application forms normally takes between seven to ten days from receipt of the correctly completed application forms and the correct fees.

Submission of an incomplete application form, or the wrong fees, will cause delays. 

If it has been more than three years since you

  • were last registered with the IRBA; or
  • passed the PPE (date of writing); or
  • completed the ADP; or
  • completed your training contract in public practice;

whichever is the later date, you must, together with your application, submit a brief CV detailing your professional history as well as evidence of CPD undertaken for the past three years. You must also submit a brief letter motivating why you now seek registration with the IRBA.

If you are joining an existing firm, please also submit a letter from the Senior Partner or equivalent of the firm confirming your position in the firm and your audit proficiency.

Your application will be assessed and you might be required to attend an interview with the IRBA’s Proficiency Assessment Panel.

If you are requested to attend an interview, an additional fee of R1,600 is applicable in respect of the year ending 31 March 2019.

On approval of your application, you will receive a letter confirming your registration.

Once your registration has been approved at the next Board meeting following the date of your registration, you will receive your Certificate of Registration which is valid until registration is terminated.

If you need any assistance completing the forms, please address your queries to the Manager: Registrations, Caroline Garbutt, at or 087-940-8800.