What is the IRBA

What is the IRBA

The IRBA is the statutory body controlling that part of the accountancy profession involved with public accountancy in South Africa. Our strategic focus is to protect the financial interests of the public by ensuring that only suitably qualified individuals are admitted to the auditing profession and that registered auditors deliver services of the highest quality and adhere to the highest ethics standards.

The IRBA Vision

To be a preeminent, respected internationally and locally recognised audit regulator, whose purpose is to protect the public interest and safeguard the integrity of the South African financial markets by creating an enabling environment in which auditors can deliver high-quality audits. ​

The IRBA Mission

We endeavour to protect the financial interests of the investing community by creating and enhancing regulatory tools and principles to empower registered auditors to carry out their duties competently, independently and in good faith.​

Call for Nominations/Applications of persons to serve on the Board of the IRBA